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Social issues activist prior to Senate run

Christine O'Donnell, a 41-year-old Tea Party-backed upstart had surged from far behind to win the Delaware GOP Senate nomination. O'Donnell was a little-known social issues activist, a woman of questionable career achievements and dubious personal finances, who had roundly lost both elections she had previously contested. But in the final weeks before the September 14 primary, she was the beneficiary of high-profile endorsements.
Source: The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, p.163-164 , Jan 2, 2012

Raised $7.5M in Senate race, 90% from outside of Delaware

For the November election, O'Donnell greatly outraised her Democratic opponent Chris Coons. To be sure, Coons did very well, raising over $3.8 million, about half from in-state sources and the rest from national Democrats thrilled at their chance to hold the former Biden seat. But O'Donnell hauled in an amazing $7.5 million, 90% from national conservatives and other interests outside Delaware. Similarly, while O'Donnell only sporadically campaigned on the ground in Delaware, she was a sensation in the national media. In due course, the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism would conclude that O'Donnell got more media coverage during 2010 than any other figure except President Obama.
Source: The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, p.165 , Jan 2, 2012

Advised new Tea Party members against Congressional perks

Before the 112th Congress could even officially convene, many Republicans were "oriented." Right after the November election, Dick Armey convened a Tea Party retreat to instruct incoming GOP House members on how to stay true to their small-government principles and avoid being co-opted by current GOP House members steeped in the ways of Washington DC. The threats stressed by elite ideologues were the perils of doing business as usual through compromises with Democrats. "Don't be dazzled by plum committee assignments and other enticements from Republican leaders," or tempted by special spending targeted on local districts. In effect, Armey appointed himself the shadow Speaker of the House for 2011; he told rank-and-file GOP legislators to refuse exactly the sort of cooperation with Republican Congressional leaders that Armey himself had routinely orchestrated back in the 1990s, when as GOP House Majority leader he put together complex deals involving perks and targeted spending.
Source: The Remaking of Republican Conservatism, p.173-174 , Jan 2, 2012

Inspire real people to engage in the political process

Initially, I wasn't really sure about including any stories from my childhood [in this book], because they don't only involve me. My parents and siblings were put through so much scrutiny and hardship when I ran for office and declared myself a public person. The moment I became a candidate, my life became an open book-- and my life is so intertwined with their lives that my family was thrown right out there with me. Then I realized that my goal in writing this book is to inspire real people to engage in the political process. And real people have real lives and real problems. When we share the hard truths of our lives they often stand as an inspiration to others. We've all had our share of rough patches, and I believe we lift each other up when we talk about them; we can learn from each other's mistakes, and find strength in the struggle.
Source: Troublemaker, by Christine O`Donnell, first chapter , Aug 16, 2011

Parable of the Peanuts: instill hard work and determination

Grandpop always had a story or two he'd share to instill the work ethic in us. The most memorable was a kind of parable about hard work and determination, centered on a bag of peanuts. He told it to us so often that years later it made its way into my campaign speeches. He used to sit us down and say, "Listen, no one is going to hand you a bag of peanuts. If you want a bag of peanuts, you have to earn it. You could work hard and buy two peanuts at the end of each day. Then, eat one peanut and put the other in a bag. The next day, do the same thing." As he spoke, he'd raise his hand to his mouth as if he was eating a peanut. "Eat one," then gesturing, "put one in a bag. And before you know it, you've earned yourself a bag of peanuts!"

It was a simple bit of homespun wisdom, but he handed it down to us kids as if it held all the secrets of the universe. To this day if anyone in my family says, "Eat one peanut." whoever's in earshot will respond, "Put one in a bag."-- complete with hand gestures!

Source: Troublemaker, by Christine O`Donnell, first chapter , Aug 16, 2011

If I were a witch, I'd've turned Karl Rove into a supporter

When Bill Maher showed that old interview, I couldn't think how to respond. Not at first, anyway. The general election was a little more than a month away, and we still didn't have any TV commercials running. Meanwhile, the Coons campaign had launched a whole series of misleading and distorted ads, quite a few of them attacking me, my family, my background, or my beliefs. Like it or not, like me or not, this nothing comment about a guy I'd known back in high school had set in motion what was starting to feel like a modern-day witch hunt-- with me cast as... well, as the witch. It would have been silly, if it wasn't so darn serious, if there wasn't so much at stake.

For a while, I managed to defuse a lot of the talk. I even tried to joke about it. When a reporter asked me about the Politically Incorrect clip, I said, "If I was a witch, I would have turned Karl Rove into a supporter by now"--referring Bush's chief of staff, whose only acknowledgement of my campaign was to lead attacks against us.

Source: Troublemaker, by Christine O`Donnell, first chapter , Aug 16, 2011

Values that built America can still rebuild a great nation

The same principles that made our country great will keep our country great. If we err, let it be on the side of liberty. If we stumble, let us pick ourselves up and press on. If we benefit, let it be from working hard and saving smart. Let us meet our obligations to God and neighbors by way of our own hearts and checkbooks rather than some cold government bureaucracy. Let us entrust our nation to public servants who serve the public rather than themselves, and who place the next generation above the next election. Let America make peace in our world and on our borders through strength, friendship, commerce, and good common sense.

These are the values and principles that built--and can still rebuild--a great nation. But it wasn't easy then and it won't be easy now. We will be resisted and we must resist as well, but we must set about it. And so I ask you readers to join me.

Source: Troublemaker, by Christine O`Donnell, p. 12 , Aug 16, 2011

I am not a witch; the Constitution is my guide

Q: Comments that you've made in the past, which are in your own words because they're on the videotape; you even released an ad that opened up by saying "I am not a witch". So what do you say to voters who are uncomfortable by these remarks

O'DONNELL: This election cycle should not be about comments I made on a comedy show over a decade and a half ago. This election cycle should be about what is important to the people of Delaware. My opponent has said that the statements that we made in our 20s should be off the table, and after he made that statement, days later, he started running ads, going back on his word using those statements to misrepresent my character. My faith has matured over the years but regardless of my personal faith, when I go down to Washington, D.C., it is the constitution that I will defend and it is by the constitution that I will make all of my decisions.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Oct 13, 2010

Decision to black out national media from DE debates

Chris Coons says he's not ducking anything, and he's ready for the tough the questions. "I'm looking forward to any debate that allows Christine O'Donnell and me to have Delaware's voters get a better understanding of our ideas."

Coons has agreed to eight debates before November 2nd. He says he rejected a debate hosted by the 9-12 Patriots for one reason only. "The 9-12 Patriots Group has endorsed her and is an issue group. We're looking for and have accepted opportunities for debates at independent venues like the University of Delaware, the Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters."

And when it comes to Christine O'Donnell's decision to black out national media, Coons says she can do whatever she wants. "That's her choice. If my opponent decides to stop answering questions from the national media, I hope Delawareans will take that into account."

Source: WDEL 1150AM coverage of 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Sep 22, 2010

Charged with spending $20K after campaign had ended

Christine O'Donnell is facing allegations she used her campaign cash in 2009-2010 as her personal piggy bank. Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission charged that she illegally spent more than $20,000 of her campaign dollars--when she was no longer a candidate.

O'Donnell denies doing anything wrong, saying there is, "No truth to it."

To be fair, Chris Coons finds himself having to answer questions about an article he wrote in college, where he described himself as a "bearded Marxist."

Source: Anderson Cooper 360 coverage of 2010 Delaware Senate debate , Sep 21, 2010

Bases campaign on “Deal with Delaware”

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, www.christineodonnell.com , Aug 31, 2006

Member of the Tea Party movement.

O'Donnell is a member the Tea Party movement

The Tea Party movement is a populist conservative social movement in the United States that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests. The protests were partially in response to several Federal laws: the stimulus package; te healthcare bill; and the TARP bailouts. The name "Tea Party" refers to the Boston Tea Party of 1773, the source of the phrase, "No Taxation Without Representation."

Source: Tea Party movement 10-Tea on Aug 11, 2010

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