Tim Michels on Homeland Security

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger

Privatizing makes security screening efficient and cheap

I would certainly look at in the future and when the time is right to privatize baggage screening. I think it will be more efficient and more cost effective.
Source: WI Senate Debate, in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Oct 17, 2004

Give privatization one more chance after 9/11

FEINGOLD: Michels has to read the 9/11 report. We had privatized screening at the airports when those 19 Saudis went through with their box cutters & went into the planes & flew them into the World Trade Center. That's the way that privatizing works.

MICHELS: Of course, it's a great travesty what happened on 9/11-but because it didn't work once, he's like, that's it, it's failed, the government has to take it over.

FEINGOLD: Based on that logic, I suppose we should privatize our military, as well.

Source: [Xref Feingold] WI Senate Debate, in Journal Sentinel Oct 17, 2004

I supported the war in Iraq and the world is much safer

FEINGOLD: We are better off Saddam Hussein is gone, but we are not safer.

MICHELS: I supported the war in Iraq, progress is being made and putting a democracy in place will make the Middle East and the world much safer. Osama bin Laden has his troops deployed in Iraq right now.

Source: [Xref Feingold] WI Senate Debate, in Journal Sentinel Oct 9, 2004

Iraq is a reason there hasn't been another terrorist attack

The Iraq war is one of the reasons that there hasn't been another terrorist attack here in three years.
Source: WI Senate Debate, in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Oct 1, 2004

Support our troops and keep America strong

Public service is an important way to repay the blessings each of us are given as Americans. That call to service has taken me on some unforgettable missions. I joined ROTC at St. Norbert College, and for the next twelve years went on active duty as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman. It wasn't the easy thing to do... but it was the right thing to do. As an Airborne Ranger Infantryman, I saw first hand the challenges faced by freedom's first responders. I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND I'LL KEEP AMERICA STRONG.
Source: Campaign website, www.MichelsForSenate.com, "Issues" Sep 23, 2004

Better disability compensation for veterans

Under the concurrent receipt law, retired veterans with a service-connected disability and 20 years of honorable service are not permitted to receive both disability compensation and military retired pay for their years of military service. Proposed legislation allows a relatively small percentage of soldiers to get both pensions. Michels said, "Individuals who have sacrificed in service to our nation should be allowed to receive disability compensation in addition to regular retirement pay."
Source: Press Release, "Veterans Support" Aug 3, 2004

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