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Vicky Hartzler: Peace is best kept through strength

With two of America's most important military bases in her district, Vicky is the Ranking Member on the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee. In this role she is responsible for ensuring the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, and Reserves have the tactical assets and equipment they need to protect themselves and our country. Vicky knows peace is best kept through strength. She has been a tireless fighter for policies that prioritize keeping our promises to our veteran heroes.
Source: 2021 Missouri Senate campaign website Jul 9, 2021

Vicky Hartzler: Saving F-15 and F-18 fighter jets created jobs in Missouri

When two of America's most trusted weapons to defend our freedoms were threatened with cuts, I led the fight supporting the military's investment in F-15 and F-18 fighter jets. Now our warfighters have the most modern equipment, and since they are built in St. Louis, we created thousands of high skill, high paying jobs in Missouri.
Source: 2021 Missouri Senate campaign website Jul 9, 2021

Vicky Hartzler: Chinese military threat is real, Biden cuts defense budget

The military threat from China is real, and if our nation does not keep up with this threat, there will be serious repercussions. Despite this threat, President Biden has failed to demonstrate his commitment to supporting a strong national defense that will provide a credible deterrent against China. Our commander in chief is asking Congress to cut defense spending by $4 billion in real dollars at a time when China is rapidly increasing its capabilities and threatening stability in the Pacific.
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 2022 Missouri Senate race Jun 22, 2021

Vicky Hartzler: Defense budget should invest in future capabilities

A responsible defense budget would invest in future capabilities, while ensuring current capabilities are still available before replacements are operational. Unfortunately, this proposed budget will erase years of progress made in rebuilding and modernizing our military. Congress must make the responsible national security decision and adequately fund our military to ensure our service members have the resources needed to address and deter China today and meet evolving threats in the future.
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 2022 Missouri Senate race Jun 22, 2021

Lucas Kunce: Money spent on Iraq & Afghanistan should've been spent here

When I came back from Iraq, the first house I'd ever lived in was bulldozed down, and it's now an empty lot. When I came back from Afghanistan, the house I lived in when I joined the Marine Corps was vacant and starting to fall apart. The whole time my buddies and I were risking our lives and our country was spending trillions of dollars trying to build up these other countries we should have been spending our money, blood, and sweat on towns like St. Joe, St. Louis, and Jefferson City.
Source: 2021 Missouri Senate campaign website Mar 10, 2021

Lucas Kunce: Focused on impact of consolidation on national security

Lucas Kunce is the Director of National Security Policy at the American Economic Liberties Project, a Marine veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and worked as an International Negotiations Officer on the Joint Staff at the Pentagon. He is an attorney and a writer focusing on the impact financialization and consolidation have on national security. He has submitted work to the FTC on how the right to repair affects the military.
Source: EconomicLiberties.US on 2022 Missouri Senate race Mar 10, 2021

Eric Greitens: Felony charge: taking donor lists from veterans charity

The Missouri House special committee looking into Gov. Eric Greitens' legal situation released a four-page report [which later contributed to Gov. Greitens resigning once impeachment proceedings started].

The seven-member committee said in its new report that it "finds that Greitens' statement mischaracterizes the purported testimony cited by his counsel in the pending criminal case in St. Louis."

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney has charged Greitens with tampering with a computer--a Class D felony--for taking donor and email lists from The Mission Continues veterans charity and using that information to raise funds during the early days of his campaign.

Greitens helped found the charity in 2007 and served as its executive director until 2014. He has denied any criminal wrongdoing. No trial has been set.

Source: News-Tribune on 2018 Missouri Gubernatorial impeachment Apr 30, 2018

Eric Greitens: Let military spouses work in Missouri

We have members of the armed forces who get orders to come to Missouri. Today, if their spouse is licensed to work in another state, Missouri may not recognize those licenses. That means, if your spouse has a career in dentistry in Tennessee, and your family is moved to Whiteman Air Force base, they may not be able to work here. That needs to change. We need to grant full reciprocity of licenses obtained in other states to military members, veterans, and their spouses.
Source: 2018 Missouri State of the State address Jan 10, 2018

Josh Hawley: Provide veterans with free legal help

Missouri AG Josh Hawley says he wants to develop the first statewide program to provide free legal help to military service members. He plans to form a Military Legal Assistance Team. That team will work with attorneys from military bases to find private attorneys who will provide pro bono services to service members with certain legal needs. The team will formally launch early next year. Hawley said in a news release that the board will determine which legal needs would qualify for the program.
Source: The Seattle Times on 2018 Missouri Senate race Dec 11, 2017

Austin Petersen: Audit the Defense Department

Why not an audit of the Pentagon? Every soldier that I have spoken, every marine, every airmen, every single person to the coast guard that I have spoken with has said there is plenty of waste, fraud, and abuse at the department of defense so if we could get an audit passed, at a minimum, we could start putting cuts where it actually matters and start cutting down on some of these private contractors where we're way overpaying. You know, there's so many no bid contracts.
Source: Southeast Arrow on 2018 Missouri Senatorial race Nov 17, 2017

Tony Monetti: Invest in training & equipment

A strong defensive capability is a cornerstone for the preservation of democracy. We must provide for the common defense in a rational, reasonable manner by providing our troops with the best training and equipment we can provide. I am committed to improving our missile defense and counter intelligence capabilities.
Source: 2018 Missouri Senatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Jason Kander: The U.S. can't tolerate cowardly acts of terrorism

Q: What are the most important challenges facing the U.S. in foreign relations?

Jason Kander: As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, keeping our country safe is my top priority. ISIS is the greatest threat facing our country and the U.S. can't tolerate cowardly acts of terrorism. Congress needs to come together to develop a targeted, comprehensive plan to destroy ISIS and work together with our allies so our brave soldiers have a coherent strategy.

Source: LWV's on 2016 Missouri Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

Lester Turilli: Military strength deters˙foreign conflict & domestic attack

Q: Your comments on the statement, "Expand the military"?

A: Military strength is important to˙deterring˙foreign conflict and domestic attack. ˙As a supporter of our veterans and current service men and women, we need to ensure the highest quality training, equipment, and advantages for our armed forces.˙ The USA needs to cease the supply of military weapons to foreign countries and militant groups.˙ This political practice has fueled countless wars, loss of life, and billions of dollars.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Missouri candidacy by OnTheIssues Apr 25, 2016

Peter Kinder: Keep Guantanamo open; terrorists are not typical criminals

Peter Kinder today denounced President Barack Obama's proposal to close Guantanamo Detention Center and transfer its detainees to a facility in the United States:

"This is a reckless plan that will put Americans in danger. President Obama apparently is more concerned about America's perception in the world than he is about American security. The Guantanamo detainees are not typical criminals. They are ideologically committed killers--terrorists in the truest sense. These hardened terrorists now are guarded by the U.S. military, and any domestic prison facility would be far more vulnerable to attack. It is telling that so many nations are happy to complain about human rights and Guantanamo but are unwilling to offer relocation. U.S. national security concerns must take precedence. I stand against this irresponsible plan. The President's first responsibility is to protect American life and liberty. Closing Guantanamo ensures the opposite effect."

Source: 2016 Missouri gubernatorial campaign website Feb 23, 2016

Roy Blunt: FactCheck: Did not disclose student deferment from Vietnam

Blunt received 3 draft deferments while a college student in the late 1960s. Blunt's office did not disclose the deferments in 2015, when the newspaper specifically asked about the senator's draft history.

Blunt said he had not hidden the deferments. "Anytime anybody ever asked me about that, I would have said I had student deferments," he said. But Blunt's office did not disclose the deferments in 2015, when The Star directly asked if he had ever received one.

"Senator Blunt was 1A status in 1969, the year of the first draft lottery," the office had replied. "His number was in the low 300s and was never called."

Federal draft records show Blunt's draft status in 1969 wasn't 1-A, or eligible for service. Instead, he was classified as 2-S, which is a student deferment. That deferment, not a high lottery number, protected Blunt from the draft in 1969.

Blunt's staff said this week that poor memories and difficult-to-obtain draft records may have contributed to the confusion.

Source: Kansas City Star Fact-Check on 2016 Missouri Senate race Feb 10, 2016

Eric Greitens: Make Missouri the best state in America for veterans

OUR VETERANS DESERVE BETTER. I believe big government is failing our veterans. As Governor, I will make it my mission to make Missouri the best state in America for veterans to live, work, build businesses, and raise their families.
Source: 2016 Missouri Governor campaign website Oct 9, 2015

Jay Nixon: Show-Me Heroes: jobs waiting for returning vets

We're fighting every day for jobs for our veterans. Last summer, I visited our troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. And everywhere I went, I heard the same question: "Will there be a job for me when I come home?" Tonight, I'm pleased to report that ou efforts helped hundreds of veterans find jobs last year.

One year ago, I announced the "Show-Me Heroes" job initiative to help our veterans quickly regain their footing in civilian life. More than 1,000 Missouri employers stepped up to take the Show-Me Heroes pledge to give veterans first crack at a job interview. I'd like to thank each and every employer who took the Show-Me Heroes pledge and hired a veteran, and I urge every employer in our state to do the same. [Companies can also take] advantage of our Work Ready Missouri program, which retrains unemployed workers to compete in today's economy.

Source: 2011 Missouri State of the State Address Jan 19, 2011

Roy Blunt: Amended defense bill for company donating $20,000

Carnahan accused Blunt of doing favors for a California company by slipping in a helpful amendment to a defense bill. Blunt's action, Carnahan said, resulted in campaign donations a short while later from company executives and trips on the corporation's jet. "I think that's wrong," Carnahan said.

Blunt countered that the $355 billion defense bill in question passed overwhelmingly. Even former Sen. Jean Carnahan, Robin Carnahan's mother, voted for it, he said. "Don't act like this is something that made a difference, that somebody makes a $1,000 contribution and that makes a difference to me," Blunt said. "Give me a break."

Carnahan's campaign said afterwards that executives from the company, Perfectwave, had given Blunt's leadership committee about $20,000 in donations. As Blunt was speaking, Carnahan cut him off and demanded to know if he had ridden the corporation's jet. Blunt said he had ridden it once and reimbursed the company.

Source: Kansas City Star coverage of 2010 Missouri Senate debate Oct 15, 2010

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