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Laura Kelly: First Democratic governor for US/Canada/Mexico trade deal

As my friends in Agriculture may remember, I was the first Democratic governor to publicly support the USMCA, the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. I will always support our agricultural employers and workers because we all know that agriculture built Kansas, and it will be a driving force in rebuilding our economy as we emerge from this pandemic.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Kansas legislature Jan 13, 2021

Roger Marshall: Supported USMCA trade deal replacing NAFTA

In the Spring of 2018, Congressman Marshall was asked to represent U.S. agriculture at the final round of NAFTA negotiations in Mexico City. Since then, the new USMCA trade deal has been revealed, and must be passed. Dr. Marshall agrees with President Trump that the United States has been taken advantage of for far too long, but we must consider and prevent adverse effects trade wars could have on our farmers and ranchers.
Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website Jun 17, 2020

Dave Lindstrom: Supports "fair trade" benefiting Americans over "free trade"

When it comes to trade, the overarching issue should be how does a trade proposal benefit American citizens. Too often, trade is predicated on some academic theory of "free trade" that overlooks the necessity of "fair trade." I support the "fair trade" efforts of the Trump administration. Renegotiating NAFTA to stabilize and open doors wider to American agriculture exports and manufacturing puts American citizens first, and the prosperity of American families first--not market manipulators.

China poses an economic and military threat to Western interests, especially the United States. As part of the China trade negotiations, China will open its markets to US agriculture more robustly--giving farmers across our nation, including Kansas, a major outlet to once again export agriculture products. All provisions pursued by the Trump administration were to achieve "fair trade" with China, safeguarding the long term economic interests of American citizens.

Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website May 31, 2020

Barbara Bollier: Farmers don't want aid: want to sell crops and livestock

Barbara is committed to defending our farmers from damaging trade policies and tax experiments that place an undue burden on their ability to earn a living. Our farmers have faced drought, flood, extreme storms, low commodity prices and, most recently, volatile tariff strategy. They don't want aid, they want the ability to sell their crops and livestock. Farmers want their hard work to result in sales and market growth.
Source: 2020 Kansas Senate campaign website May 28, 2020

Laura Kelly: Kansas is an export state

I have been a vocal proponent of the USMCA agreement. It's critical for Kansas. We are indeed an export state. The International Trade Division at the Department of Commerce was dismantled in recent years. I've instructed my Commerce Secretary to focus on rebuilding this division. We cannot compete in a global economy without strong international trading partners. We must breathe new life into our efforts to increase exports and compel international companies to choose Kansas.
Source: 2020 Kansas State of the State address Jan 16, 2020

Roger Marshall: Trump trade deals provides certainty to farmers

Marshall reacted to U.S. and China's agreement to a "Phase One" trade deal last week saying, "President Trump has now made it possible for long-term success for our families."

"By the time China is done, he will have renegotiated over 50 percent of the United States' trade agreements, giving us long-term certainty for all of our future generations of farmers."

Source: Fox News on 2020 Kansas Senate race Dec 23, 2019

Dave Lindstrom: Farmers support Trump's trade war and tariffs

Lindstrom heard from the state's farmers that tariffs placed on agricultural products by Trump is something they can live with. "To a person throughout the state, they are talking about 'we support the President,'" Lindstrom said. "'Yes, it is short-term pain, but we think there will be a long-term gain.' That is the patriotism of the farmers and ranchers in this state. I was pleased to hear it."
Source: Ottawa Herald on 2020 Kansas Senate race Jun 27, 2019

Mike Pompeo: 2009: free trade among nations; 2019: trade war with China

In 2009, Pompeo wrote a guest column in The Wichita Eagle laying out the path forward for Republicans reeling from their loss to Barack Obama. Among the principles Pompeo urged Republicans to adhere to was "free trade among nations," along with limited government and broad political freedoms.

As Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is 'determined to fix' the trade wars with China and that the biggest growth opportunity for U.S. agriculture products is in Asia. To Pompeo, there is no contradiction between his own full-throated support of free trade as a congressman and Trump's strategy of imposing tariffs on China and other countries. "Oh my goodness, the president is deeply free trade," he said. "Let's be clear, the trade war with China was started decades ago, and no president was prepared to take it on." He argued that the short-term pain caused by retaliatory tariffs will pay off in the form of better long-term trading deals.

Source: McClatchy news service on 2022 Kansas Senate race Mar 17, 2019

Jeff Colyer: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA

The USMCA is a new trade pact among the United States, Mexico and Canada, intended as a stronger and modernized replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Gov. Jeff Colyer (R-KS): "Renewing and modernizing this agreement will be a great help to farmers, ranchers, and businesses in Kansas. We are grateful to President Trump for his continued support of these industries and the economic health of our state and nation."

Source: White House press release in 2018 Kansas Governor's race Oct 2, 2018

Pat Roberts: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA

The USMCA is a new trade pact among the United States, Mexico and Canada, intended as a stronger and modernized replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS): "This trade pact will provide our farmers and ranchers with much needed export market certainty and will strengthen the relationship with two of our most important trading partners."

Source: White House press release "USMCA" in 2020 Kansas Senate race Oct 2, 2018

Jeff Colyer: Devastating impact on Kansas if NAFTA were to go away

Gov. Jeff Colyer sent a letter to President Trump this week in support of the North American Free Trade Agreement, in an effort to both support NAFTA, which was implemented in 1994, and back the Trump Administration's goal of updating the pact.

With its economy bolstered by the agriculture, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors, Kansas could be affected greatly, Colyer said, if NAFTA were to be scrapped or significantly altered.

"We would experience a devastating impact if NAFTA were to go away," Colyer said in the news release. "As NAFTA renegotiations continue, I am hopeful that the (Trump) Administration will reach an agreement that modernizes this crucial trade pact and creates an environment that enables Kansas agriculture and manufacturing to thrive."

Coyler called manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas and service industry jobs "the heart of America." About $3.65 billion worth of exports from Kansas to Canada and Mexico are shipped out annually, Colyer said in the letter.

Source: Wichita Business Journal on 2018 Kansas gubernatorial race Mar 30, 2018

Patrick Wiesner: Protect American companies against foreign dumping

I will advocate regulations and tax policy that encourage US businesses to stay here and foreign companies to relocate here. If a company employs Americans, I support rewarding them with a competitive tax rate, litigation relief, and protections against foreign dumping.
Source: Topeka Capital-Journal voter guide: 2016 Kansas Senate race Oct 1, 2016

Randall Batson: Strongly supports expanding free trade

Q: Do you support or oppose expanding free trade?

A: Strongly Support.

Source: Email interview on Kansas 2014 Senate race with OnTheIssues Sep 19, 2014

Chad Taylor: Trade has globalized US, but also exports jobs

Q: What is your opinion of free trade agreements?

A: Free trade has opened up and globalized our economy. Our friends in the labor community, however, are seeing their jobs exported to countries that don't maintain the same labor standards and pay standards. We are not sold on expanding trade further.

Q: What about existing trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA?

A: There have been so many iterations on the details of those agreements that it's hard to comment out of context. We would respond to specific changes in the agreements when those changes are proposed.

Source: Phone interview: 2014 Kansas Senate race OnTheIssues Sep 3, 2014

Mark Parkinson: Export planes, energy, & wheat to China, India, & Brazil

Kansas is an exporter. We export airplanes, food and energy. As emerging markets continue to grow in countries like China, India, and Brazil, even during this recession, the demand for our products will continue to grow. 700 million people in emerging countries will join the middle class in the next 20 years, and no state will benefit more from this than Kansas. Demand for our airplanes, our wheat and our energy will explode. We must protect & fight for what we have and prepare for the future.
Source: 2010 Kansas State of the State Address Jan 11, 2010

Kris Kobach: Supports NAFTA, GATT, and WTO

Q: Do you support the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support continued U.S. membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

A: Yes.

Q: Should a nation's human rights record affect its normal trade relations (most favored nation) status with the United States?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support the trade embargo against Cuba?

A: Yes.

Source: 2004 Kansas Congressional National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2004

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