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All Social Security money MUST go to Social Security

Q: Do you agree with "Making Social Security a non-profit system"?

A: True.

Q: Do you agree that "Privatization opens up Americans to the wolves"?

A: True.

Q: Do you agree that "Retirees have paid their dues"?

A: True.

Q: Do you agree with "Non-monetary communities for retirees"?

A: True. Additionally:

Source: E-mail interview for 2014 House race with OnTheIssues.org , Apr 11, 2013

Communitize instead of statism or privatization

Q: Your opinion on our VoteMatch statement, "Privatize Social Security"?

A: Another "no opinion", "none of the above", or "other approach". I oppose government control AND I oppose privatizing. Neither statism nor profiteering will help. I prefer "communitizing". Bring social security local and to non-profit/alternative model approaches, and retirement age can be lowered to 50 and all retirement costs could be eliminated. My plan would render Social Security obsolete.

Source: VoteMatch interview on 2014 House race with OnTheIssues.org , Apr 10, 2013

Make Social Security a non-profit system

Q: What is your opinion on the statement, "Privatize Social Security"?

A: Oppose. I say non-profitize it. There are ways of enhancing social security, lowering the retirement age to 55 or even 50, and removing the costs of living for retirees completel through just a little bit of innovation. And the profiteering that takes place targeting seniors needs to be exposed and curtailed. Here's another example of a necessary area which would benefit from the US returning to sovereign money.

Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 18, 2011

Privatization opens up Americans to the wolves

Privatization of social security only opens up millions of Americans to the wolves, and throws them under the bus. A democracy must in theory have social services and free market system balanced on the fulcrum of democracy and requires that the government provide assorted social services in order to maintain that balance. It should be done as locally as possible though.
Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 18, 2011

Retirees have paid their dues

My attitude is that once retirement age has been reached, the retiree has "paid his/her dues" and shouldn't have to continue working. They can of course continue to contribute to society through teaching, sharing experiences, and pro-humanity types of activities if they so desire.
Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 18, 2011

Non-monetary communities for retirees

Here's the high level view of the ideas I have come up with, but the ultimate designs would be a fully collaborative approach. The important thing is to start working on it: Source: Email interview on presidential race with OnTheIssues.org , Aug 18, 2011

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